Alexa Kanchuk

Senior SEO Strategist, Digital Marketing Specialist, & Web Developer

About Me

Hi, my name is Alexa Kanchuk and I am passionate about all things digital! From SEO to PHP, I've explored it all! I continue to evolve and stay relevant to current trends in the digital technology industry through my dedication to lifelong learning!

I am Google Analytics and Google Ads certified and have demonstrated proficiency using various search engine optimization tools as well as paid digital tools. I am a confident user of social media, Microsoft SuiteAdobe SuiteG Suite, content management systems, WordPress, Drupal, SquareSpace, and Shopify. I am an experienced advertiser and have designed advertisements for multiple businesses using both print/and digital media. I have experience using multiple tools to create visually pleasing advertisements including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

I am a board member of the Atlantic Technology Summit as well as a former co-organizer of the WordPress Halifax Meetup. As an active member of Halifax's technology community, I have been able to share my knowledge as well as learn from industry leaders in the digital field. These experiences have allowed me the privilege to speak with individuals, businesses, and community members about the advantages and advances of digital technologies.


When it comes to Digital strategy Alexa is a wiz. Her SEO knowledge has successfully helped reach numerous audiences of brands we have worked with together. Her high energy spirit and go-getter attitude motivates everyone around her to excel in their work. Working alongside her I have never believed in this saying more “teamwork makes the dream work”.


Falayha Khawaja
Graphic Designer

When it comes to all the 'fiddly bits' of on-page SEO, Alexa is not only efficient... but considerate. Why does this matter? Because she takes the time to deeply understand the searcher intent and end goals of projects. This is critical to SEO success in my professional opinion. Anyone can fill out and format for SEO, but it takes the next level of expertise to see the strategy and intent required to launch projects in competitive market spaces.


Alison Knott
SEO + Web Consultant